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Damned if you do, damned of you don't

Johnny Red

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Michael signs for Newcastle.


Long threads of posts condemning the Board, Rafa, for poor management in not getting him


If Michael signed for us.


Probably long threads of posts condemning the Board, Rafa for poor management....spending a lot of money for a player we sold off cheap, who left us in the lurch, who wants to come back because he worries about his England place more than he cares about the club etc. etc .etc



It's funny. I think the big legacy of the Houllier era is that it has created in us fans a high tendency to moan and complain about our team, board, management. It almost seems like if we don't have anything to rant and moan about, our fan-lives become empty.


So here we are, just 2 games into the season and we have started off with bang with our enmity against the management team of the club. Just like with Ged's term, this is going to fester and grow and will spill over into the matches.


I foresee our home and away support getting quieter and quieter. And the debates heated on the Forums.


I just pray our lads go on a long winning streak (and I mean winning by more that 2 goals with our strikers scoring at least one of those goals). That's the only way to stop this downward spiral of disatisfaction.



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Had we signed him there would have been people saying we'd wasted money on a centre forward when we need a centre back and a right midfielder.


2 things make the whole saga worse :


a ) The sale of Baros

b ) The fact it was Owen. Any other striker and there wouldn't be half the fuss.


Some of the statements on here today are from the people who feel cheated.

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