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Bellamy -- you have to laugh at him

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Craig Bellamy has been accused of bragging about his salary to opponents on the pitch by Clyde midfielder Darren Sheridan.

The Wales striker, who earns £45,000 per week, scored his first goal in a Celtic shirt in the 5-0 Scottish Cup tie on Sunday after joining the club on loan following his fall-out with Newcastle boss Graeme Souness.


Sheridan was pictured shoving Bellamy in the face during the game and has since told the Scottish Sun: "he was on the pitch going on about how much money he was on."


"He is a top player but he just never shuts up," he added. "He was going on at everyone in our team."


"I think that's why he is not liked. Let the football do the talking with his ability and he could shut anyone up."


"But Bellamy? Dearie me, he was worse than my kids."



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