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Mandela and Cameron


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As the great man's time on this earth nears an end (when he dies, it is NOT my fault), it's come to light that back in '85 one David Cameron was the head of a group of Tory students who produced posters calling for the anti-apartheid leader to be hung along with all "ANC terrorists".


His eulogy should be interesting :popcorn:

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Ummm...he was a member of the Young Conservatives some of whose members used to sport Hang Mandela badges, but there is no evidence at all that Cameron ever did that.


Was he not a leading member of The Federation of Conservative Students in '85?


However... The Independent


Interesting. That's him and Alan Duncan then. Wonder who else in that party was at it

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You guys know not to flash your headlights at any cars driving with no lights on don't you?


I swerve in front of them, make then do an emergency stop, then kindly point out they didn't have their lights on

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As long as you point out that you're not being a git, that should be fine.


Of course. Always done with a cheery 'you hadn't got your lights on d****ead'. Then they follow me for ages trying to say thanks

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