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The ultimate sport


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Was listening to R5 the other day where they had 3 professional sportsmen on (don't know who they were as i only caught it briefly) and they were debating which sport they considered to be the tougher challenge. They were a golfer, a tennis player and a F1 driver.


Clearly individual sports are a sterner test than any team game but which one is open to debate.


The F1 driver argued that any slight individual error and you're out of the race so it was a more highly pressurised situation to be in. Although one bad hole in stroke play golf and the same applies arguably.


The argument against sports like Tennis imo is that a lot of the time your game is instinctive without the need to think about your next shot - to a certain extent. As well as this you can play the percentages game and wait for forced errors from your opponent. I accept there is more to it than that and there is obviously the physical aspect of the game to be considered.


As a keen golfer I would argue that golf is right up there. You can play the percentages game in golf but the margin for error in comparison to a sport like tennis is much higher. Then there is the 3-4 minutes between shots where you can quite easily talk yourself out of the correct shot/club to take rather than going with instinct - e.g. in Tennis. There is more technique to master with golf as well. How many shots does a professional golfer need to be able to perform in comparison to a tennis player?


I realise its difficult to directly compare different sports for obvious reasons, and i'm going to be biased as i play golf a fair bit (although i did play tennis quite a bit in my early twenties) but i'd say the combination of technique and the mental aspect of the game make it the ultimate challenge.


Be interesting to hear what other thought who played golf, tennis or other individual sports.

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