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The Best Posts of 2008/09


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Looking back at threads from the last year and a few of them give me a chuckle.



There was Giles, Dunphy, Brady and Souness' quotes of Euro 2008



Gilesy on Ronaldo - "Marilyn Monroe was the greatest star in the world but she was never known as a great actor. Ronaldo is like that."


Bill - "what do you think of Group B gentlemen?" (the group with Germany, Austria, Poland and Croatia)

Souness - "Looks a bit like World War II, Bill".


Dunphy - "Real Madrid are offering Ronaldo €250,000 a week after tax, he has a model girlfriend, he's 23, he's good looking, I hate him"


Bill: - "Just one interesting point. Italy have now qualified for the quarter final with 4 points ,when last time they failed to qualify with 5 points....whatever that means........i actually don't know" ..... que laughter from Gilesy and Brady


First Switzerland game:


Bill:"It's said the Barnetta is their best player, what do we know about him?"

Eamo:"Well he's Swiss so his mother was a banker and his father was a clock maker"


Souness - "I agree with Liam......"

Dunphy - "Its Eamon"

Souness - "Sorry, what's your name....haha....good job Liam's not here"


Dunphy - "Holland look good but they haven't played a proper team yet"

Brady - "They beat Italy 3-0 and France 4-1, two WC finalists. what do you mean a proper team?"

Dunphy - "Sweden"


Brady: "The games at five o'clock have been inferior."

Bill: "For what reason?"

Brady: "Well, I think it is cooler at night, Bill."

Bill: "Hold on, we're only talking 23 degrees. That's what it was like in Dublin today."

Brady: "Still hot. Still hot. I was playing golf today. I found it hot."

Bill: "Did you shoot a good score Liam?"

Brady: "No, not really."

Bill: "And were you as indolent as they (Romania and France) were?"

Gilesy: "You try playing golf at night Bill."


And best of the tournament

Souness unimpressed with Thierry Henry's bravery for the Italian second goal:

"He's got his hands down protecting his downstairs area and sticks his foot out like a nancy"

Eamo: "If you don't mind me saying Graeme, the shot was a bit low to have affected his downstairs area."

Cue Gilesy mumbling: "You don't know with these lads, Eamon

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