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Consider an Elephant in the Bracken

Andy @ Allerton

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What does he see? What his perception. Consider a snake, lounging in the grass, having a sly ciggie when the cameras aren't on him. And that Ivy. Hanging there above the snake, but not really near the elephant.


The Elephant stops. Considering the snake and the Ivy. If that was in some sort of competition would it be attached to some sort of high profile educational facilty? What would Ivy study?


Would it, if motivated enough, consider the Elephant and the cigarette smoking snake?


How much does this scene adder up? If the Elephant grabbed a small canary flying in the summer air - would he be able to get in touch with his elephantine parents utilising a cheep rate trunk call?


But consider the snake. Now playing with his PSP. Without thumbs.


Or hands.


Now that's impressive!

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