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Comm. Shield Player ratings v the chavs

Guest AnfieldGrass

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Guest AnfieldGrass

MInd you, this is all armchair observations via a crappy ESPN broadcast ;)


Reina 8

Solid as usual, nothng to do most of the time but when called upon made important saves.


Riise 8.5

What can you say, just when Johnny sarts to cop some critcism he comes up with another cracker of a goal and has a blinder of a game. At times I thought it was Alonso on the ball!


Agger 9

Superb defensive display, can't wait to see him settled in proper and with more confidence to burst forward has the potential to be the next Hyppia. And more.


Carragher 8.5

Usual impressive self. Sme very important chellenges.


Finnan 7.5

A bit quiet but didn't let us down, what we expect from SF week in week out, solid.


Gonzalez 7.5

Looked lively, lacking confidence but did get past his man on the odd occasion which is a good sign. Has pace but still needs to time his runs better.


Zenden 9

Superb confident display from Bolo. The key thing to notice was that he went looking for the ball, and players were looking for him to stabilise the middle. Always felt at ease with Zended in posession. If it wasn't for momo he'd be my MOM.


Sissoko 9.1

What a star. Nothing I can say without bleating on the obvious. MOM.


Pennant 8

I still dont think we are properly utilising the width the new wingers give us (we are so used to not having proper wingers it will take time to adjust) but Jermaine is a very intelligent footballer with and without the ball. Another player I can't wait to see settled in and on fire.


Garcia 7.5

Some nice touches, but also very frustrating. Not as easy a pushover as in the past, but still needs to toughen up a bit. Flashes of brilliance, and a dash of creativity always compensates though.


Crouch 7.6

Bit of a shakey 1st half, but looked much better in the 2nd. Getting more confident running with the ball which is a good sign. Well taken goal, but it just highlighted how Peter needs perfect crosses to capitalise on.




Gerrard 8

Added an extra dimension when coming on, no surprise there.


Aurelio 8.5

I would normally be apprehensive of rating a sub coming on late, but Fabio is looking the business. An all round intelligent footballer, without the usual brasilian show-pony stuff. Gets the job done and another I cant wait to hit form.


Alonso 7.5

Some uncharacteristic errors and poor judgement from Xabi, but some of his passing was the usual magic as one would expect. Bit rusty but we know it's simply lack of matches. Always improving defensively.


Bellamy 8

Craig made an impact immediately and caused the defence no end of trouble, and forced them to have to commit fouls (not that the chavs need much tempting). Fabulous cross for Crouch to score from. Should probably have started as some of the missed chances in the first half were crying out for deft touches from the likes of Craig o


Pongolle -

Not enough time on the pitch to get a rating, but looked lively, always keen to get involved is ur Flo, doesnt fear any defenders, least of all a bunch of overpriced Londoner's. Without game time we may never see his true potential.


Rafa 9

Tactically and strategically head and shoulders above the special one.

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