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  1. On the subject of players who have left, I see Can has been left out of Juve's squad for the CL group stage and Coates picked up a red card after conceding three penalties in Sporting's 3-2 defeat to Rio Ave at the weekend. Oof.
  2. Kruse was great on the counter (fast and good finisher) for St. Pauli 10 years ago and it was cool to see him step up to Freiburg, Gladbach and the national team but he has since fallen out with Hecking at Wolfsburg and Low for the national team due to his various off-field antics so not sure that fits in with the emphasis that Klopp puts on the character side of things. On the other hand, he probably does qualify as a "versatile forward" (also attacking midfield) is a goal threat and would be free. He won't be short of options anyway.
  3. Adler might have been decent in the past but never really managed to deliver consistently in Hamburg. More mistakes in him than Mignolet these days.
  4. The Hertha coach was quoted a few days ago saying that they haven't had a midfielder like Grujic in his 22 years there. He could still work out for us, either on the pitch or just financially.
  5. To be fair to Tuchel, the quotes are from the interpreter's version of Tuchel's response which was itself in fairly broken French. The journalist had asked him whether he felt the result was "logique" and I think he was just stating that he didn't feel it was inevitable, they could have got a draw or even a win. True enough. Don't think he was suggesting that they deserved more than they got.
  6. Other possible alternatives with whom we've been linked previously, if memory serves: Kai Havertz, James Maddison, Bruno Fernandes.
  7. Was this from Trent's tackle? http://www.goal.com/en/news/graphic-content-evra-shows-off-gruesome-leg-injury-that/1h2ozsx0pxlef1jyo917i5rouk
  8. Not sure that's right about Can. Could only find sources stating that he's on 8 cards for the season so he should be ok for the next couple of games at least. Could be tight until the end of the season though so he's likely to miss two at some point. Would be handy to have him for United and Chelsea.
  9. Klopp was being rather guarded when asked about Ward a few days ago, wasn't he? Said he would be talking to the player before talking to the media but in any case that he wanted to work with Ward. Made me think he was contemplating a loan but given Mig then being dropped and making comments today about a conversation after the Burnley match, perhaps Klopp was just anticipating that Mig might leave this month with Ward then being number 2 until the summer and potentially getting some cup action. Will be interesting to see who starts against West Brom.
  10. spacemonkey


    Thought it noticeable that Karius was trying to throw quickly when he got the ball in his hands. Put the recipient under a certain amount of pressure on a couple of occasions but managed to worm our way out each time. Give him the ball to feet though and he's just going to punt it, and not necessarily all that far. I reckon Virgil and Matip give us decent options for playing out from the back which may help us keep possession better when we're winning and needing to close out the match. Suspect Klopp is now trying to see whether Karius can distribute the balls better short than Migs who seems
  11. It's "kann mir mal in die Schuhe blasen." So more blow into his boots than cause them to explode! Meaning is along the lines of "can kiss my...".
  12. We have a habit of following wins against big teams with dropped points against the smaller ones. Can we maintain the aggression at home to Hull or will we just take that one for granted and not turn up? If we can maintain the level against the small teams, that would be the big progress compared to last year.
  13. I think this has more to do with it than his marriage, yes.
  14. Seems likely, yes. Haven't read it obviously but seems at odds with the various articles documenting an argument with the Croatia manager back in March after which Lovren basically said he didn't want to go unless he was going to play. Imagine they're just trying to create some sort of far-fetched link to his football career so as to justify printing it.
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