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the monobrow beatle robbing pudding cuts go up in my estimation


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Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher might be fanatical supporters of Manchester City, Liverpool's opponents on Sunday, but did you know the Mighty Reds once played support to Oasis? Well, not only is it true but you can find out what happened now.

The date was May 25 2005 and Oasis were warming up for their appearance at that summer's Glastonbury festival with a serious of low-key shows. The first concert to showcase music from their latest album 'Don't Believe The Truth' was to be played at The Coronet in London and happened to clash with the final of the Champions League.


When Liverpool made it through to the final, Oasis cancelled the support, put up a giant screen on stage and vowed to not come on until the game was over.


Speaking before the gig, Noel Gallagher - who once donated a song for an album to raise money for the sacked Liverpool dockers - revealed: "The gig was sold out and I said, 'Instead of getting a support band, why don't we get a big screen and stick it in the middle of the stage so everyone can watch the game. Then we'll play after the game and get a late curfew'. They all went for it, so we hired a big cinema thing."


The concert was soon billed as 'Oasis + Special Guests Liverpool FC'. What Oasis hadn't counted on was Liverpool playing their part in the greatest football final ever - although at 3-nil down the mood at the concert was less than jovial.


As one Liverpool supporter who attended the concert later explained: "At half time the gig was looking like a wake, and as I headed for the toilet the place appeared to be full of people mocking Liverpool.


"What can you do when your team is down and all around people are taking the mick... well stand down the front, arms aloft with your Liverpool scarf held high, looking like an utter idiot, but cheering your side on.


"The rest, as they say, is history. The crowd suddenly became true Reds and gleefully bellowed out YNWA. A photographer wanted to take pictures of me with my scarf and lots of people who had moved away from the nutter at the front came up to say well done.


"Instead of coming on to their traditional intro tape of '******' In The Bushes', the band came on to Liverpool's anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' bathed in red light. Noel, spotting a by-now delirious me manically grinning and waving my scarf, pointed over and gave the thumbs up. I threw the scarf to Liam on stage and at the end of the gig had to plead with security to get it back for me ('Why did you throw it away if you wanted it?' the security guy quite reasonably asked).


"I'm getting tingles down the spine just thinking about it. Oasis put on a blinding show and you can't get a support act much better than the greatest European Cup final comeback of all time!"


Liam Gallagher later dedicated 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' to the Italian fans at a concert in Milan.

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As one Liverpool supporter who attended the concert later explained:



Theres something wrong here that i can't quite put my finger on.



I don't care how good the gig was, it was a million times better in Istanbul - with Pete Wylie. :)


If true though :thumbs: for the knuckle brothers

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