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the conqueroring kaiser who sweeps everyone off their feet

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He is without a doubt Germany's greatest ever footballer and as a result, in the eyes of (too) many, Beckenbauer can do no wrong.

For too long now, there's been wall-to-wall Beckenbauer in Germany's media, to the point where even his son said he stopped watching TV so he could avoid the scheidt his dad was constantly coming out with.


Personally I can't stand the bloke. I think he's an arrogant twot whose exceptional ability on the football field has made people think they should take seriously whatever he says on whatever topic.

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yeah, can appreciate what you're saying mr t. that article sums it up well - from being someone that always sought to be associated with the high and mighty, he has become the high and mighty.


he's kind of the uber-establishment and over-venerated, not just within german football (for which he has earned his status), but throughout german society in general.

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