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Extend functionality so that it can be incorporated in other developer's applications

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Nathan, about this:

selectThis = $('section').find('div.ipsType_richText').first();

Wouldn’t be easier if I add a new div in my template to be targeted?

I see you’re using the “content” field. What if we use that new div, I could add more stuff to it, right? For example, tutorials Description and Content, which are two different fields. Basically, everything inside the div woube translated. Wouldn’t it be better?

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Please - can you wait until you see the final release before suggesting changes? Don't assume that the JS in the front-end dictates what is actually translated

More will be revealed when I get the time to finish things off on it.

Also - the guide you read is NOT COMPLETE, and is only viewable to yourself, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't comment on it until it is available in a complete state.

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