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How to find a buyer for a football club

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P1ss easy. Just whack it on ebay:



Dornoch Capital Advisors, LLC is pleased to present this opportunity for you to purchase the Tranmere Rovers Football Club including its 16,587 all-seater grounds/stadiam (Prenton Park). Our firm, through its exclusive financial advisory relationship with the club and its involvement with management, believe that the acquisition of the club presents a unique opportunity for a wealthy sports enthusiast at this time due to the following:



ü Historic brand and fan base in FA football dating back over 100 years;

ü Strong capitalization of the club with zero indebtedness in a period when English Football is in the process of de-gearing/de-leveraging;

ü Low cost of entry for club with significant potential for promotion to the second division or potentially the Premiership;

ü Demographics and location in Merseyside with Liverpool being the European Center of Culture in 2008 and the Open Championship being played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in 2007 make this 1.3 million population region quite attractive to sports owners;

ü The ability of the acquirer to institute industry best practice (U.S. style sports management and merchandising) to upgrade the fan experience in food/beverage, on-pitch performance, and match day entertainment thus driving additional revenues, earnings, promotions and cup titles;

ü The potential to pay for a portion of the acquisition through subsequent divestitures of excess/ non-income producing real estate with NO financial risk to the common shareholders;

ü Ability to generate pro-forma double digit returns on for the new investors;

ü Purchasing a Championship League caliber club at less than League One metrics;

ü FA Football represents the only worldwide sports brand which continues to grow at double-digit sponsorship and television media revenue growth; and

ü A current owner who will continue to capitalize the club through his preferred equity ownership interest and if desired by the new owners, an emeritus chairmanship/directorship.

ü TRFC finished only one point away from a playoff spot for promotion to the Coca Cola Championships league during their 2008/2009 campaign




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