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Moving abroad..


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I’ve thought about this a lot, more so recently, and I think I would like to move out of this country. Whilst I’d miss this City (Liverpool) I just want to go somewhere warmer and safer, not just for me but for my family too. I realise it could be a few years away (particularly as we've just found out my wife's pregnant again!) but i'd like to get as much info as possible to make the decision.


I mentioned it to my Mrs yonks ago but she never really fancied the idea of moving away from her family. I’d always argued that if we moved to somewhere like Spain, they’d only be a couple of hours away by plane.


Her mum and dad went to Australia recently and since they’ve been back they’ve mentioned a couple of times now that if it weren’t for the grandchildren they’d probably go over there and retire. After saying this a few days ago I think it planted a seed in the wife’s head cos when I said to her again that we should go abroad to Spain to live she didn’t exactly shoot the idea down.


I’m just wondering if any of you have made the leap, and if so what was/is your experience? Where’s the best place to get info from – such as any good online resources/books I can check out? What about jobs/houses etc? I guess we’d be looking at Spain for now but i'd be interested to hear your experiences of moving abroad regardless of where you went from/to… cheers! :thumbs:

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