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BHF London2Brighton Bike ride 2008


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Thought i'd share my experience as i'm very proud :)


Had a great day. Was really hard work, but well worth it.

Started off bad by getting to Hitchin train station to find no traiins running. Got a coach to Welwyn station and then a train to Kings cross. Caught up with a bunch that looked like they knew london better than we did so tagged on the back of those guys. Got to the start point 20 minutes later than we expected, but with people who were meant to start an hour earlier still joining we didn't feel too bad.


Off we went and it took just over an hour to get out of london, the amount of people was just amazing! some funky fancy dress to some hardcore cyclists who thought they were doing the tour de france :rolleyes:


Once out of london it wasn't bad going.

Ditchling beacon is a killer (a 600Ft ascent :o), i wasn't go bad untill i saw the 800m marker to the top of the hill and my body gave up knowing i wasn't that far off. Very dissapointed i didn't make it, but hey, i couldn't of asked any more of my body, it gave it a really good go.


Great day and would definatley do it again :)


If Jim is reading this, i now understand that gradient of Ditchling and the comparison i tried to make vs Wilbury hill :lol: my oh my!


some pics if you fancy browsing to pass the time.








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Nice Looking bike. Did you find it heavy? Would have thought hills would have been easier on that with the gearing on a mountain bike as opposed to a racing bike.


Well done though. bike riding is great.

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Thanks Dee :)


yes BDB, it is heavier than a normal roady, hence the the use of the slicks to try try reduce the amount of friction caused with the normal mountain bike tryes.

The hills were eaier with the gear set of a mountain bike, but then again, in the back of your head, knowing you have a lower gear set my mind was like don't go too heard i can use the gears to my advatnage, however on a roady, you've got no choice but to go for it.

I saw so many people (including the guy i rode with) who were on road bikes, just leave alot of the MTB guys standing, as they either had to walk, or go for it. Guess it's kind of swings and roundabouts really :)


loved it though, cracking day, and can't wait to do the next one :)

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