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Home theatre dilemma

windy city red

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Getting a massive headache from reading suggestions/reviews online so I thought I come here to try and end this dilemma with some finality. Just for some background, I watch about 10 – 20 (max) hours of TV every week, and I spent about 60% watching sports and the other 40% watching movies or normal television. I am planning to set up a simple home theatre system so that I can enjoy some DVDs indoors. I plan to use the home theatre speakers to listen to some music too. For those audiophiles, I just have a couple of simple questions.


1) 1080i (720p) or 1080p? I will be getting a 42-inch LCD TV. Mags/forums have been saying for TVs less than 52-inches, there is no difference between a1080i or 1080p.

2) Jamo speakers: Anyone owns one? I absolutely loved it when I hear the speakers but there are very few reviews on the Internet and I just wanted to hear what people thought of the brand. I am thinking of getting the A10 series.

3) AV receiver: Thinking of getting a basic, easy to set-up AV receiver that wouldn’t put a hole in my wallet. Can anyone suggest one? At the same time, I am also getting inclined to buying a home theatre in a box set up from Jamo just to save myself some trouble.


Many thanks in advance.

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