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Cold and tired still having put the nipper to sleep...


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ANd nEiThEr Of Us GiVe A fLyInG Fu*k!! :D:D




Unlucky Riise (x3), Momo, Kuyt, Bellers and Crouch - not poor finishing, woodwork and good saves/clearances. Stevie Finnan...well, if people can't see how good he is now then they are blind. Great team performance and a lovely, Emlynesque cry of 'f*ckin' Yersss!' (similar pitch too!) From Carra to the Kop at the end.


Another great Anfield European night - couldn't really see Tom Hicks (and Gillett?) but he must have been well pleased and impressed by the team, the atmosphere and the noise at times was wonderous.


A word for the Barca fans - on the way back to the car, we ran into a few and they applauded us! In my poor spanish I told one lad of about 30 and his mate I was sorry it was them we put out (always liked Barca fans) He replied that he now hoped we would win as we were 'a real team'. As we carried on, his mate called after us 'Can we have Benitez? And Gerrard? And Alonso? we laughed and by the time we were out of earshot he'd miore or less asked for the whole squad.


Just been hearing about the mess at at the Mestalla - if we draw Valencia in the next round we could end up with a bye! ;)


Now I need a cuppa...

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