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Anyone on here had


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After 12 weeks of physio and being told that i have a minsical tear in the cartlidge of my knee ??? and it would need a little procedure (keyole surgery) to fix it


i waited three months then i had a surgical consult on my left knee on Tuesday


the surgeon told me that not only that i have a miniscal tear in my knee cartlidge. he is certain that i have snapped my cruciate ligament (great)


"but i feel no pain" i said like a caveman he responded with "oh well youve probably just snapped your nerve endings in their"


"am no doctor but doesnt that mean that i feel no pain in my knee ???" i responed


"yes you dont feel any pain in your knee i'd better book you in for a scan to see if you 've done anymore damage"


i was then told the SURGERY has become more INTENSE he has to GRAFT part of my HAMSTRING to my knee to fix the problem or i will never play any sort of sport again.


not the best sentence every told to me


anyone on here had a similar surgery??? any doctors on here???

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