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Best chippy in Old Swan... and I'll admit the menu is a bit complicated....



But seriously folks...when I was at Art School some joker put it on our 2nd year reading list. Being reasonably well read in Eastern Philosophy and literature I objected less than others (I was also a few years older than most). It's largely an irrelevance to anyone brought up in a modern age, be they asiatic or occidental. Sir Roger Bacon's 'Miscellany on the stars Astrological upon human affayres' is probably the nearest thing to it in westwern cuulture.


Pre modernist hokum, of the sort bad confucians and fortune cookie writers thrive on. An interesting and diverting curio, but no more than that unless you're on a desperate search for 'enlightenment' in a hippy stylee that doesn't exist anywhere, and never did or will.

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