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Experiences you wish you could forget.


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I'll start.



When at school I used to work in a supermarket on the tills. Every saturday no matter what till I was at this one fella would hunt me out and queue with his shopping no matter how big my line was. Basicly this fella had a small hand, smaller than jeremy beadle. It was like a normal palm of a hand with 5 baby toes where his fingers and thumb would be, they looked like baked beans. He'd pop all his shopping on the belt with his good hand and wait staring at me by the till. Religiously he would take out his wallet with his good hand and pay me the notes with his good hand but when he gave me coin he'd hold it in his bad hand for me to take it, just as I'd reach for it he'd wiggle the little baked bean f****rs. W****r, every b****** saturday!!!

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