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Heysel TV Programme


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I have just watched a programme about Heysel, it was on late one night during the World Cup. It was very interesting and jogged my memory (I was 16 at the time), as to how it was a whole catalogue of events that caused the problems, and only a small part of it was down to Liverpool Fans.


The programme had Brucie and the LFC chief bodyguard of the time in it, as well as the guy who served a few years for manslaughter going back to the ground, I can't remember his name, but he is now a lifeguard.


A lot of Italians were interviewed (who went to the 'game')and they didn't seem to hold Liverpool fans guilty either.



This was probably on TV in England years ago, but if not and if anyone would like a copy I can burn one and send it over. Also for any Aussies who missed it I can help out.



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