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Seriously considering moving back to UK


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Warning: This is an unusually personal, sobering post from me, so feel free to ignore!


I've been in the US now for 14 years, and just turned 30 this year. I have a very good job making over $100k/year, but I work about 75-80 hours a week, and travel about 1200 miles per week in the car. So 4-5 evenings a week, even though I'm "off", I'm actually at a hotel in a town miles away from where I live. Ultimately most of my life is spent dealing with work. I'm proud of the responsibility I have at my age - running about $100 million worth of sales - but am tired of the effect it has on the rest of my life. The majority of the people I meet work for me, and of course I can't have relationships - platonic or otherwise - with those people, which pretty much kills the social/romantic life. I struggle to maintain a relationship outside of work because of the long hours, frequent traveling, etc.


My life is full of things, but is pretty much lacking in substance when it comes to family/friends/love. I could change career fields and things would improve, but ultimately I think a move back home is what's going to make me happy. So much value is placed here on your career, the amount of money you make, your "buying-power", the size of your house, what you drive, etc. Of course I was too young when I lived in England previously to be an expert on the matter, but it just seems that quality of life is more valued there. Shorter work weeks, more holiday time, less pay naturally because of it, but I'd be fine with that. Plus, how nice it would be to watch Liverpool on a Saturday.


If I left, I'd be leaving behind my sister and my stepdad, although he actually would probably come with me quite happily. I have friends I'd leave behind too, but none I'd be that worried about leaving. I'd have to start from scratch over there, but I think I'm young enough to do that right now.


It's been a long month, maybe I'm just in a funk. But I think I've always missed "home", being around the places I grew up in, etc. Much as I've tried to put roots down here, it's just not seemed to work. I'm not miserable, and my life looks great from the outside, but I feel like I'm missing out on something.



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