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  3. There was a Chelsea fan spreading lies about Hillsborough on some American radio station. His name totally escapes me. One of the guys who used to post here went after him and eventually it resulted in the guy getting sacked. Who was the forum poster that did that work? If they're not here anymore how can i contact them? Thanks
  4. I have made contact with the company reported to have been talking to Tom Hicks. I have left their details below. I would ask you also contact them to let them know how we feel. Let's get at these.. To whom it may concern, I am a fan of Liverpool Football Club and I read in the English media with interest that Blackstone are planning to join forces with Tom Hicks in a venture that secures you part ownership of Liverpool Football Club. You may or may not know the hatred that Liverpool fans have for Tom Hicks and his current partner George Gillet but I am here to tell you that the hatred of bo
  5. As mentioned in an earlier post i recently (July 2010) wrote to Liverpool City Council. Want to join me and Do Something? Send a similar email to mine asking Liverpool City Council to withdraw the lease/contract for LFC on Stanley Park while the current owners are in charge. The owners business plan is built mainly on the fact that a new stadium would up the revenue streams massively. Let's take that away from them. Let's take the single biggest reason for them to be here away from them and continue to take action elsewhere in the knowledge if any fans of any club can come together for a purpo
  6. In July I made contact with Liverpool City Council with an email that i will post shortly. After a few discussions, that shall remain confidential for the time being, I backed off to wait for further development mainly in the hope that Martin Broughton would succeed in bringing in new owners. In light of the information released in the last day or two regarding Tom Hicks looking to re-finance I have decided that I can wait around no longer. I need to start to force the issue. WE NEED TO FORCE THE ISSUE. As fans we need to stand up and be counted. For the most part our lives revolve around t
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