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    It's a weird little community we've got, but we spend a lot of time with each other, and it's a positive influence on many of our lives. I think we can all agree that Sammy+a is one of the more enlightening and amusing people on here, and the news of his dad's passing has hit us hard.

    We wanted to do something in Sammy's dad's memory, any money collected can then be donated as Sammy sees fit.

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Man of the match - Game 42 - Atletico Madrid - Away - CL

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Result:  Game 42 - Atletico Madrid - Away - CL (L0-1)
1. Andy Robertson --------------------36 votes---------------5 points
2. Joe Gomez -------------------------21 votes---------------3 points
3. Alisson Becker ----------------------18 votes---------------1 point.
Disappointing, but we were the more dominant side.
Current table:
1. Jordan Henderson ----------------4MOM------92nd---------33rd---------------------50
2. Sadio Mane ----------------------6MOM------42nd---------23rd---------------------44
3. Roberto Firmino ------------------5MOM------22nd---------53rd-----B*--------------39
4. Virgil van Dijk --------------------4MOM------12nd---------43rd---------------------27
5. Mohamed Salah ------------------3MOM------22nd---------43rd---------------------25
5. Alisson Becker -------------------2MOM------22nd---------33rd------------12CSB----25
6. Fabinho Tavares------------------3MOM--------------------43rd---------------------19
6. Joe Gomez ----------------------1MOM------42nd---------23rd----------------------19
7. Adrian san Miguel ----------------1MOM------22nd---------13rd------------2CSB-----13
8. Trent Alexander Arnold -----------1MOM------22nd---------13rd----------------------12
8. Naby Keita ----------------------1MOM------22nd---------13rd----------------------12
9. Curtis Jones ---------------------------------32nd---------23rd----------------------11
10.Alex Oxlade Chamberlain ----------2MOM---------------------------------------------10
10.Georginio Wijnaldum --------------1MOM------12nd---------23rd----------------------10
11.Andrew Robertson ---------------1MOM------12nd---------13rd-----------------------9
12.Dejan Lovren --------------------1MOM--------------------33rd----------------------8
12.Divock Origi ----------------------1MOM------12nd-----------------------------------8
12.Adam Lallana --------------------1MOM------12nd------------------------------------8
12.James Milner ---------------------1MOM------12nd-----------------------------------8
12.Neco Williams --------------------1MOM------12nd-----------------------------------8
12.Joel Matip -----------------------1MOM------12nd------------------------------------8
12.Harvey Elliott --------------------1MOM-------12nd-----------------------------------8
13.Ki-Jana Hoever ------------------------------12nd------------------------------------3
13.Pedro Chirivella --------------------------------------------33rd----------------------3
14.Caoimhin Kelleher --------------------------------------------------MK**---2CSB-----2
15.Xherdan Shaqiri -------------------------------------------13rd-----------------------1

*B = Burnley bonus
**MK = MK Dons bonus
Thanks for voting.
NB: I don't count votes on thread. Please use the link provided to vote.

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