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Did we really, really f**** up?


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About a month or so ago i posted in a match that (can't be bothered to dig out out) how it looked to me that we'd signed quite a few duds to fill the squad, but to dissimilar to Spurs. I got absolutely pounded for it, called a WUM, etc. Even got told my post works be dug out as a classic in wind up our knee jerk. Without turning this into a told you so exercise, I see lots of others are now making similar comments.


So, have we really miss spent as i think we have? Was it really Suarez rather than Rodgers last season? Or are we going though transition and we'll get it right again?


My overriding feeling is this reluctance to spend big on quality, proven European players will haunt us. Taking gambles on ballo, Markovic, Lambert, Lallana etc just seems ludicrous, when there was really quality it there and we decided to spread it way too thinly, seems very moneyball to me.


Is Rodgers the man for the job? Lots of questions i know and the big part of me said he deserves time after last season but i think if we get knocked out of the CL and continue this form in the league fans will turn pretty quickly.

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