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SOS Community / Regeneration update

Spirit Of Shankly

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Spirit of Shankly recently held Summer Coaching Camps. Please visit http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/Coachi...mps-Report.html for the report and some pictures from the camps.


We are looking to set up a Regeneration Sub-Committee / Working Group with regard to looking into regeneration in the Anfield area, particulary those regarding the new stadium or ideas regarding the expansion of the existing stadium.


Also, Radio City are running a 24 hour breakfast show on the 17th and 18th September for their charity Cash for Kids. Spirit of Shankly are keen to help out with this by participating in a 24 hour activity. If you are interested in helping out or have ideas (e.g. 24 hour keepy ups) of how we can help out with raising money then get in touch.


For the Regeneration Sub-Committee and 24 hour breakfast show, please e-mail Paul Gardner at community@spiritofshankly.com

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