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Unemployment Insurance question


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I hope the wise old heads of YNWA can help me here or I am fecked :(


In January I took out Life and Unemployment cover with a 120 day lead in. On the 3rd May we lost a big client and the directors had a meeting on the May 12th (119th day !!!) when the employers had a solicitor present and informed us that we had lost the client and that there was a possibility that the company would have to be wound up (making us all redundant obviously). On Friday (122nd day) I recieved a letter asking me to attend a meeting to discuss my contract and on the Monday (125th day) I received written notification that I was being made redundant.


Today I rang up to check on the status of my claim and they told me I was 'notified' on 12th May that I was being made redundant. Was I? Is informing the staff that a company may not survive equivalent to notification of redundancy ?


This is the first time in my life I'm desperate for some forum help, Anyone ?

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