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Buy part of a senior team for £40

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Seen this on another forum, thought i would post here for them, hope its ok.


My team Stirling Albion is currently up for sale. Unless the fans come together to buy out the owner there is a serious risk my team will die. Please help me save it. For full details go to www.buystirlingalbion.org.uk


As you will see from the link above, we are trying to get people to buy a membership for £40 to save our club. All you are risking is £5 as if it doesn't work out, then you will get £35 back and if it does work out, you will own part of our club and help save it.


We are collecting old mobile phones for recycling for the campaign. Not only does it help the environment but our cause will benefit by at least £5.00 when you donate your old mobile. It is easy and it costs you nothing to do.


Send as many old mobiles (removing sim card first) as you can find to:




Stirling Albion

Vulcan Road North


NR6 6AQ.



Please join us in the fight to save our team.

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