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Any graphic designers on here?


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i have a problem with colour - i view images on my screen and edit them to how i want them to look.. i then pop them onto cd and get them printed but the colours don't seem to match what i'm viewing on the screen.. this is also the case if i view the images through my dvd player (on telly) - they too don't match what i thought i'd edited them to look like..


i've bought Huey Pro to calibrate my monitor and figured that would sort things out but seemingly not.. i checked the 'Color Space' setting on my SLR last night and that's set to sRGB (the other option is Adobe RGB) - should my monitor be set to match the SLR? how do i do that? also, i'm using Photoshop CS2 so do i have to change any setting within this?


i don't mind getting a new monitor if it means i have true colour from what i see on screen to how it's printed but i'm assuming if i get the settings right from my SLR through to my monitor (graphics card?) and onto programs like CS2 i should be ok with my current setup..


any advice gratefully received as it's winding me up to fck! :D



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Colour management is what its called. You've started correctly with getting a monitor profiling device, you then need to follow it through and sort all your workspaces out in CS2 so what you are seeing is correct. It can however be difficult to get the print to match if you are using 3rd party printers. You really need to know what paper they are using and get a profile if you can. A further problem can be that some labs will use software to auto correct colour, contrast, sharpening etc. Try sending an image as a test sample to 3 different labs and you will likely see 3 different results.

I'm a professional photographer and generally print my own images for that reason. I use 2 dye subs and a large format printer. That way I keep complete control. If I have to send to third party printers, I will use Loxley colour who have technicians who will check your colour correction. They are a professional lab service and you will pay professional prices for it.


If you are serious about your photography I'd strongly recommend joining this forum www.dpreview.com as it is a wealth of information on photography. There is a seperate forum for printing, which has a massive amount of info on colour management.

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