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From this weeks edition of Popbitch:


1)For John Terry, it was a World Cup to

forget. As well as the on the field

disappointment, things went a little

t***-up off the pitch. Football clubs

are buzzing with the story that John's

mum got, er, rather friendly, with Jamie

Carragher's brother.


FYI: Liverpool banner for the Community Shield:



2)Stan Collymore has had a nice summer holiday.

He spent a week this month at a nudist resort

at le Cap d'Agde, France where, we're told, he

shagged more than 100 women. Most of them

publicly, including one woman in the sea who he

had to get a fellow holidaymaker to help hold,

so he could do her from behind without getting

knocked over by the waves.


Dozens of very beautiful women were seen throwing

themselves at him as, we're told, Stan is

rather well-hung and currently very toned.

However, Stan rejected most of them and

made a beeline for "mumsy types".



3) Wonder why Frank Lampard was shooting for goal

so desperately for England this summer? This

could explain it. We hear from an insider

that a payment of 95,000 pounds was made to

the bank account of a Mr J. Terry, who had

apparently bet his Chelsea team mate that he'd

fail to score in England's group games. And for

all Lampard's trying, he had to cough up. So,

one bit of good news for John Terry, then.


4) Ashley Cole might have employed over-the-top

security to keep ordinary folk away from his

wedding, but it seems he wasn't so bothered

on his stag weekend. Some English girls

on a hen weekend in Marbella got talking to

Ashley's posse. They said most of the lads

were very nice and friendly, especially Rio

Ferdinand, and happily signed autographs.

Except for Cole himself. His only contribution

was to ask the bride-to-be why she was

bothering to get married, "As it would only

last a couple of years anyway."


5) Another Brit stag party claimed Ferdinand

was a "top fella" who told them 'I don't care

if any Mancs are listening... I'd go back to West

Ham at the drop of a hat - I f***ing loved

the place.' There are 21 days until the start

of the new season.


Can anyone add to these essential footie sagas?

A formation thread featuring Jamie?s bro would be most welcome.


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