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Letters to fancard holders


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Have people had these letters yet telling them about the ballot for the semi-final tickets?


My brother's girlfriend has had hers, but I haven't had mine yet. I'm local, she's not.


What about anyone else?


They reckon there will be only about 4000 tickets left after the other rounds of sale, which probably means at best a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of a ticket I would say.

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Still nothing in the post this morning. Hoping this doesnlt mean that the ballot hs already been done and those who got letters are the only ones in with a shout of a ticket.


Are you from the area mate? Just wondering if for some reason they may have sent them to OOTers first?

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I'm in London and it arrived on Friday. Not sent it in yet because I'm waiting for my mate to send his to me and I'll send them in together. The letter says they must be received by Thursday.

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Guest Jack Bauer

I got one for me, one for my cousin last thursday but didn't get one for me ma. She just used me cousins one.



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