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James Beattie

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fantastic gesture from Beattie :applause:




Beattie's selfless gesture Apr 7 2006


By David Prentice, Liverpool Echo


JAMES BEATTIE is getting married this summer. But his wedding list bucks the trend quite spectacularly.


The Everton striker has informed guests that rather than buy gifts, he would rather they donated money to a cancer charity set up in honour of a little girl who has recently passed away.


During his time at Southampton, Beattie was introduced to six-year-old kidney cancer sufferer Sophie Barringer, when she was a Saints mascot for the day.


Beattie followed her battle with illness even after moving to Merseyside -and when little Sophie passed away, Beattie showed his support for the family by joining the mourners at her funeral.


Here, you might assume, that his association with the Barringers had run its course.


But no.


Beattie has invited Sophie's family to his wedding this summer and informed guests he would rather they donated money to a cancer charity set up in the girl's honour rather than buy any gifts.


When footballers cup their ears to the crowd after doing what they're handsomely paid to do, it's all too easy to be cynical and sneering.


So equally, Beattie deserves the utmost praise for his selfless attitude to Sophie and her family.

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Beattie is a top bloke, he was so close to taking my Hillsborough wristband off me only for a mob of bitters that virtually threatened him putting him off.

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