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fyds - La Salle

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fyds - the La Salle connection... It is a bit strange as Ben transferred from the top Diocesan school to get into La Salle. Over here though (if Johngibo is reading - I live over here, that's why I talk about over here and not over there blah blah blah) the La Salle school is very good in many ways. The Diocesan one (DBS) is utterly corrupt.


The brothers (should I call them monks?) seem very committed and I get on well with the ones I meet. They are all interesting characters.


The school has excellent academic results (in terms of total top grades) and is very strong at sport. The 50 metre pool was one feature that attracted us to apply. They have a 25 metre pool too...


Originally my knowledge of the school came from my own students - I have worked with many many from there over my 25 years here. Some good personal friends have come from this.


I actually know nothing of the La Salle schools elsewhere (elswhere being not here Jonhgblah, I live here not elsewhere)...

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