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Guest DanTheDaggerman

Should be a couple of good matches - Lyon v Arsenal/Barcelona could be a fun draw.

Would like to see either of those games as the Final. If it came down to it, I would probably support Lyon.

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It's getting all a bit surreal with Arsenal now, deja vu is just hammering away.


Pleased for them mind you. If I had a choice I'd probably plump for Arsenal or Lyon to win it now. Lyon for Ged, and Arsenal because it'd drive United and Chelsea crazy. Also I've got a couple of mates who support Arsenal, and they'd be made up. They were all cheering for us in Istanbul, so it seems only fair to repay the favour.

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Ged better be careful of the old goal excuse!


"(Chaves) Fred celebrated with a dummy in his mouth because he nearly didn't play at all as his girlfriend gave birth this afternoon and he wanted to be there."


Hope he's right this time ;)

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Don't want to see another English team win it - so the a*** can go f*** themselves.


Apart from Lyon, Barca probably. I would like to say Milan because I love their football but then they'd be at 7 and we'd be at 5 so I wouldn't like Milan to win it - perhaps reach the final again though. :D

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If it was a choice of what final I'd like to see, then AC Milan versus Barcelona by a country mile, both the games in the group stage last year were engrossing.


I'd like to see Schevchenko have a final where he really gets to show his goal scoring prowess. Last season he played well don't get me wrong, and was kept out by a mix of last gasp defending, superb goalkeeping and divine intervention, but even before he took his penalty he looked a totally broken man. The last final Milan were in before that was such a dull affair it barely deserves remembering.


I'd like to think Milan - Barca would provide fabulous attacking football.

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