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baja the hut

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he played well, as did Gerrard, Kewell, and Cisse


Crouch looked knackered for some reason :hmm:



Crouch looked like he had done his work for the week on Wednesday. He was trying to impress on Wed and works his bollix off. Not today though, he was very disappointing.

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sorry.....that was my first choice but chose this.....:D


I meant no offence. :)


I'm amazed at how bad people are at spelling our player's names though. Ciise, Risse, Hamman, Hyppia and Troare are a few other examples. :hmm:

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Koomkramp definitely MOM in my humble opinion.


Anyone else notice at least the two b0ll0ckings he directed at Cisse for lack of movement/making the wrong run.


A sign of his growing confidence?


Kroumgamp gave him an earful a couple of times. Good on the Dane.

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