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Just think how much money Abramovich could have saved

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He could have bought a club that possessed the likes of Ferdinand, Lampard, Cole, Defoe and Carrick. FFS they would have even thrown in Glen Johnson and David James. That has to be almsot 100 million in talent right there.


It just goes to show how good a manager Harry Redknapp is to get relegated with a group of youngsters like that. :wacko:

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Bloody chairman of west ham should be ashamed of himself. Worst business ever by a chairman not called Ridsdale


Depends on how you look at it in footballing terms yes on a personal level I think he did quite well from the sales... ;)

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Just the thought of that amount of young talent coming through at once is astounding. With the right manager that group could have become a great team for years to come. Just think what Utd did with Scholes, Butt, Nevillex2, Beckham and Giggs for the best part of 12 years. If I'm not mistaken wasn't John Terry on West Ham's books at the same time as many of these lads as a youngster.

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