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Watching footy on the net..


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Found this site the other day, you only have to pay 5 quid for a 3 year membership, supposed to show all the games in the big leagues, reserve football, friendly's, + all sorts of other events on TV.. I've seen a few of these sites and many have been scams but this looks pretty decent.. you can't get caught that badly cause you pay by paypal and the fee is only 5 pounds.. pretty sure i'm gonna try it but has anyone tried this site before?


It's here

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I'd say PPLive or PPstream are a better option. I've paid a few quid to a couple of these sites, and I don't mind doing it, but they are quite often forced to close down, so there is no guarantee you will get more than a few games for your money.


For the amount that they're asking, I think a few games is reasonable enough - just don't expect 3 years to mean what it says on the tin...

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