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Just sent to manc mate and got mail back saying thats so last season. So I sent him one of the Super Cup instead. Not had anything back yet! Childish ........but fecking funny


That's very silly.


How can you expect a Manc to recognise the Super Cup???

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Totally unrelated of course, but I got this e-mail today:




haha, this is funny right,


I once bought this pink shirt and a guy from work LAUGHED at me! he kept saying "pinks for girls mate" but i didn?t care as the shirt was really nice and i was happy with it.


The other day the same guy went out looking for the same design of shirt (you see they are the best shirts around at the moment) anyway they do it in 4 colours however unfortunately for him the only colour available was pink.


I was surprised to see that the next day the very same guy came into work with yes, the pink shirt on. He was showing it off in front of everyone, like it was the best thing he' ever got. It didn't seem so girly any more.


Funny isn?t it how when nothing else is available you'll settle for what you can get.

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anyone have the pic of the Premier League trophy with Chelsea on it, besides the European Cup with us on it, next to the FA Cup with Arsenal on it, and then a small coffee mug with Man Utd on it?




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