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How did Agger do on Sunday?

New York Red

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Flipping heck, talk about "beware false prophets"! He was alright, let's not bow down before him just yet, eh?


spot on. he had a solid game. looked comfortable on the ball, but had a few lapses on of concentration positionally.

think it will take him a little time, to get to grips with how Benitez likes our defence to play.


early days, but some good signs

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Messed up a few times but looked decent enough on the ball. Nothing to shout about yet though, very raw.


idont think he's very raw. looks accomplished. just needs to play more to get used to the premiership and his teammates.

most alarming thing was he got pulled out of position a bit but that should go as he gets more used to his surroundings. on the ball, he looks very assured,




until of course he panics

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