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Video of Hamburg V Stuttgart


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I read this today on another forum I go onto and think I would like to see the video


During the last minutes of the German Bundesliga game between Hamburg and Stuttgart, Hamburg, a goal down forced a corner. They threw everybody forward including their goalkeeper but their last defender, also in the Stuttgart half did not notice this.

The corner was cleared to the last defender who under pressure decided to pass the ball back to his keeper without looking. To his horror he suddenly realised there was nobody there and a mad sprint back in competition with a Stuttgart player ended with the ball in the Hamburg net




Anybody?? Been looking for Video but cant find it.

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Poor Rafael. He was really contrite - he has just returned from injury.


Everyone was (and is) highly amused and it has been replayed again and again.


Van der Vaart was interviewed today, and he was still clearly embarrassed - but he tried to laugh, too. A very decent person.


Crazy weeks in the BL. Bielefeld's goalkeeper Hain was last week's fool. Quite funny, as well.

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thats great


Sabre will be gutted :D


If he won't be immortalised playing for Liverpool, he'll at least be on all comedy sports videos for the next twenty years! :D

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