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Gideon's Daughter


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How will ITV respond?


Soap Stars on Roller Skates 4!!!

It was unbelieveably good - Bill Nighy is really enjoying a late blooming in the roles he gets and his ability to take them on.


ITV : Auschwitz on Ice - Philip Schofield plays Reinhardt Heydrich as he and other top Nazis including Russ Abbott, Bobby Ball and Ross Kemp plot 'The Final Soultion' at a frozen Wahnsee with backing from The Geoff Barclay Ice Dancers. Adolf Hitler is played by Robin Cousins.


C4 : 100 best Poliakoff moments. Stuart Machonochie and Bob Lloyd talk to Philip Schofield, Russ Abbott, Bobby Ball, Ross Kemp, Girls Aloud and Mel B about their favourite moments from 'Shooting the Past' etc.


C5 : 'Gideon's Bible' Erotic drama starring Wayne Kerr and Norma Snockers


Sky 1/2/3/4 'Alien Thingy' More chances to see whole espisodes back to back of the latest sci-fi hit to be cancelled in the U.S.

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