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a little taste of millwall

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a guy i work with knows carl asaba, the journeyman forward who's currently plying his trade at millwall.


apparently, asaba, who is black (or possibly mixed race) will not let any family or friends into the relatives' section at the new den.


why not? ... because the last time he did, his cousin - who admitted himself as such to a millwall fan in this section - was told "well, tell the f***in' n****r to play!".


asaba gets this kind of abuse off the pitch regularly from millwall fans. i guess he's not getting much interest from other clubs for him to be enduring this kind of intolerance.

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wasn't it alastair campbell who wrote a piece a couple of seasons ago having sat in the family section at millwall? said there were dads around teaching their little kids the difference between the various racist insults and which applied to which players.

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