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liverpool to give trial to 11 year old


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thought it was an interesting story on newsnow

It was quite a long article considering he's only so young.



The crowd at the Anfield home of Liverpool FC is revered in world football for its passion and spirit.


Very soon, this lot could be rising to a star made in Kenya.


Mohamed Suleiman, a spindly 11-year-old kid with dribbling skills straight out of Brazilian star Ronaldinho?s book ? and a football brain to match ? has been invited to the famed Liverpool FC academy for a trial.

Mohamed Suleiman



Suleiman, a pupil at the City Primary School, is expected to travel to England on April 11 in the company of his dad, Suleiman Alas.


"This is a dream come true," Alas, a member of the medical corps of the Kenya Army told Fever Pitch last week.


"Ever since the boy was five years old, people who spotted him play in the barracks would approach me and say that he was a special talent. It is very good that Liverpool FC have noticed him and I believe it is also a good piece of history for Kenya."


Liverpool FC are one of the biggest names in world football and current champions of Europe.


If they take young Suleiman into their books, he will become the first Kenyan to be signed up by a top Premier League side.


He will also be following in the footsteps of several illustrious stars who went through the Liverpool Academy.


They include current club captain, Steven Gerrard, talismanic defender, Jamie Carragher and Anfield legend Robbie Fowler, known to all Liverpool fans by his nickname ? ?God.?


Suleiman?s love affair with football began at an early age, but it came to wide attention when he entered the Coca Cola Pepeta Championship and performed with a maturity and distinction well beyond his 10 years.


Dribbling effortlessly with seemingly every part of his body and crowning his performance with his party piece ? a routine that sees him ping the ball up with his forehead, balance it in the next movement on the nape of his neck -? then proceed to remove his t-shirt without dropping the ball, he wowed crowds throughout the tournament and clinched a Sh10,000 scholarship.


Video clips of his amazing performance ultimately found their way to Liverpool FC.


And the club lost little time in inviting Suleiman over to the UK for a "soccer school course" through a January 23 letter signed by Academy Administration Officer, Heather Davies.


Suleiman says he?s excited by the prospect of joining Liverpool.


"I like Liverpool and I especially enjoy watching (Peter) Crouch and (Steven) Gerrard. I?m really looking forward to joining them."


Most of his tricks, however, are gleaned off a player on the books of Liverpool?s bitter rivals, Manchester United.


"I learn a lot of my tricks from watching the moves and tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo (United?s young midfielder)."


The player currently trains with the Waterworks Junior team, a group of young players that train within the Kabete Barracks.


And his coaches, Ali Mwinyi, Kennedy Onyuka and Joe Birgen are in no doubt about his potential.


"For a kid of his age, there is no argument about his talent," says Onyuka.


"I noticed him when he was very young because he would insist on following the senior players everywhere and getting into the game when he could. He was easily the best kid in his age group. He only needs to work on his bulk and pace and I?m sure he?ll make it. The facilities at Liverpool Football Club mean he will find the best training, diet and advice anywhere in the world and he could pave the way for many more talented youngsters."


Suleiman is a fairly shy and retiring kid. And distracted by our conversation with the coach during the interview at the Nairobi Jafferies Academy, he drifted away, picked up the ball with the outside of the foot and began a prolonged dribble with our cameraman clicking away fast.


In the distance, a gaggle of men enjoying a mid afternoon snack broke off their conversation to watch the tiny genius work his magic.


"Cheki huyo Ronaldinho," one of them shouted. The youngster continued dribbling hypnotically, sharpening the skills that could soon grace the hallowed turf of Anfield ? home of the Champions of Europe.? A fundraiser to cover the travel costs of Suleiman to the UK will be held on March 4 at the 680 Hotel from 2pm. Regional Development Minister Mahamou Abdi is expected to preside over the function and Suleiman will also be in attendance and has been given a cameo role in the programme to showcase his dribbling skills

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He's better than Walcott imo, if we want to take advantage of our high market value after our CL win last year and to show the world of our ambitions, we have to sign this kid or might as well conceed the league next year to chelsea.

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A replacement for Crouch circa 2013. Looks like he is built like him.


Rick Parry: Son I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we want you to come on trial. The bad news the cost of the flight is as much as the National Gross Domestic Product of your country.


Maybe Rick can auction some of his shirt and tie sets on e-bay to raise some money. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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