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Sea Sickness


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There is an anti-seasickness drug called Cinnarizine. My 93-year-old father takes it because it is also suitable for Meniere's disease (an inner-ear balance problem).


I think you can buy it over-the-counter.

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Me me mate his bro and his lass went to Amsterdam on the ferry about 6 years ago. Me and me mate had sea sickness tablets before we got on the ferry so did me mates bro's lass. Funny as feck Ray was being sick for about 4 hours and nearly crying.


Then we said to him you can have some of theses tablets if you want :lol:

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Eat. I used to do alot of long distance lorry driving and crossed the english channel all year round. Ask yourself why you never see the lorry drivers being sick. The reason is that we have our own private restaurant and spend the whole journey eating and drinking coffee. The stomach is working and thoughts of nausea don't come to mind.


All for £3.75 I may add :thumbs:


Plus extra cheap duty free and other perks :thumbs:

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