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Comically inept Liverpool palyers


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I'm not talking about being a bit rubbish here. For me some players are beyond that - they are inept. And some even have a comic quality to their ineptitude.


Josemi was one such for me. Piechnik might have been to.


Have we had any others as talented at comic ineptitude?

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some bloody weird choices on here...


Leonardsen for one wasnt the best player i admit, but he did a decent job in some games and certainly wasnt inept..


cisse, well he scored 2 in the super cup final and a pen in the champs league final.....so regardless of how he does from now on, i would never call him inept.


also camara was bought as a stopgap and did a good job,scoring some important goals..



For me,id go for paul stewart we paid alot of money for him and he was simply awful

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