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Blackburn game - 15th April. TIME CHANGE


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Liverpool Football Club today confirmed their away fixture at Blackburn Rovers on April 15th will now kick-off at 5.15 pm.

The switch will allow any fans who wish to attend both the annual Hillsborough Memorial Service at Anfield and the Premier League fixture to do so.


A club statement said: "We are very grateful to Blackburn for their co-operation in the rescheduling of the game. We examined every permutation in consultation with the Team Manager, but because of the continuing uncertainty over the dating of some fixtures and the need to make a decision quickly, we have decided on the 5.15 pm kick-off on the Saturday.


"The annual Memorial Service will, of course, be held at Anfield earlier that afternoon and will be attended by club officials and those first team players not involved in the game at Ewood Park."


Phil Hammond, Chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said: "We're grateful to both Liverpool and Blackburn Rovers for all their efforts in rescheduling the game. We were always aware that one year a fixture would be played on the anniversary date and welcome the fact that fans will now have the opportunity to attend both."

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Wasn't for me lads as i'm abroad that weekend, but earliest people could get to Lime St would be approx 15.45 then you have to get train to Preston or Manchester which would be 16.30 ish at the earliest to change.


f*** all chance to get there by train i would think.


Doubt Blackburn could cope with 8000 fans all turning up by coach or car.

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The match will be screened live on Sky Sports.


What a happy co-incidence that the 5.15 kick off time is the usual slot for a Sky game to be put on. All this talk about co-operation from Blackburn. What a load of s****. This football club is a disgrace at times.


I won't hold my breath waiting for them to lay on coaches and organise police escorts etc.

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Disgusted ? yes.


but as they didn;t fight it from the start then I'm not surprised that it turned out like this.


A flat NO to playing on the 15th would have sorted it but they were so busy compromising over the CL entry that I wouldn;t be surprised if playing on this date came into the equation.


LFC is NOT run for the benefit of the fans - we know enough to know that by now.

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Mike I wouldn't be so stupid as to think that it would be, but it should be run with some consideration towards the fans.


It only takes a quick look through this thread to see how degrading the club's decision i, look at people running around trying to find ways of getting from the service to Ewood, like a scene from Its a Mad, Mad world, and it certainly is that.


What makes this even more galling is the oft quoted misconception that a major cause of the disaster was people turning up late. Take a look at your Blackburn tickets lads, there'll be something on there about getting in forty five minutes before the kick-off (think its their for safety reasons).


Incesitive? It doesn't even come into it.


Don't worry, we'll get another pot of Murdoch's money for compromising ourselves.

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To give the club their due, everything was agreed with the HFSG


The club consulted with the chairperson of the HFSG, which is different. To be honest I don't see that an individual person, or even an individual group is in a position to speak for everybody on this issue, I would feel far from comfortable doing this.


Don't forget that the club stated that they had consulted with the HFSG on this issue right back in June, it was nly after disgust from fans that they actually acknowledged that there may be an issue, conveniently co-inciding with Sky's decision to screen the game.

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