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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Random song of the Afternoon

Andy @ Allerton

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Only good thing Don Henley ever did was to demand that the offending chambermaid be sent up to correct the horrendous mistake of fixing the bog roll so that it dangled from underneath rather than looped over the top.


Beheading offence in anybody's book.


Otherwise Eagles = James Last Orchestra of "Country Rock"

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one of the eagles got a bunch of naked groupies to each sing a different note when he introduced his "ahem" to their "cough" so he could play a tune.....


That at least is proper rock star behaviour. However you should always be suspicious of bands whose off stage behaviour is more entertaining than their music. See also Led Zepplin ;)

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are they like led zeppelin?


Tedious 70's rock bores? Quite similar, yes.


and Coldplay


I heard that Chris Martin once had 3 sugars in his tea




Ah, so that's what causes him to do a stupid dance like a hyperactive child on a sugar rush

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