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Our attendances, historically

aka Dus

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Was wondering about our attendance before we became successful under Shanks. Anywhere reliable I could find out about how many would regularly go to Anfield before we really took off?


Am having a tiresome argument woth a Chelsea fan who reckons they are in the all time top average 5 attendances which gives them grounds as a 'big club' despite Roman's money. The desperate validation-seeking mockney vvanker.


He reckons Liverpool were as well supported as West Ham, though I suspect on past record he's just making up stats.

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Thanks chaps, he's been dismissed from a position of comfort.


1983, finishing 18th in Division 2 with an average crowd of 12.672. Snigger!!


Since 1947 Chelsea have had twenty-six seasons with average attendances below 30,000 - we've had that once ... West Ham fifty-two times.

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