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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

just read in the independent


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Infantile shoite maybe - certainly at times - other times it was cutting edge - the election night special one with Thatcher and her government in the bier garten singing 'Tomorrow Belongs to me' was truly creepy.


One of my all time faves was the Bond comparison sketch as they were casting around for a new Bond, showing Roger Moore and Sean Connery debating who was the best:


'When I wash Bond 'slurs Connery 'We had the mosht beautiful girlsh - I had Pussy Galore...' he smiles knowingly

'...and I had Beaver Mc Fanny' adds Moore raining a quizzical eyebrow.

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is there such a thing?


there's nowhere near enough satire on TV nowadays. and if anyone claims that little britain is satirical, they can f*** off.


When Rory Bremner's the only vaguely satirical voice on mainstream telly, you know you're in trouble.

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