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Windows security help needed


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apparently i set up a named admin user on my bro's computer to which he can't get access to because i've forgotten the passord (d'oh)

is there anyway around this? you know when you start up windows first and it gives you the access rights - named admin user and guest accounts...


can you get around this by a windows OS reinstall or what? or some nifty control panel/DOS input process?



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If its XP it automatically creates an Admin account with a blank password, have you tried a blank password?.


A re-install over the top of the current install will not fix it.

A full re-install from scratch will (surprise surprise) so if he says do it, then do it.


No but an upgarde rather than a reinstall, may well do the trick.

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No, it won't.


After a particular problem at home I had to do an XP repair, not a restore point, after which nobody could access their data areas or profiles. It was suggested to me that I did an upgrade rather than a repair, or, rebuild fom scratch. The Upgrade worked.

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Ok cut it out you two, sort this out like men! mono v mono, geek v geek


Select ur weapon of choice


Samsung SP180 120Gb Hard disk


Sony 1.44" Floppy drive



I hate I.T. its just a job I fell in. Thing is when working with Microsoft, you can never tell what random s*** will happen or what random s*** will fix it. ;)


You got lucky, in that case.

Yeah possibly, but if all else fails and you don't want to have to rebuild, or you may lose something important if you do, it may be worth a try.

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