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Babbel v Finnan

fred milne

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Finnan is simply outstanding, the best RB in the world (yet for some reason not first choice fore Ireland !!!!!)


but why was he so average in his first season at anfield? was it some personal issues, the pressure of moving to a big team


It could have been many things but what we do know is that hardly anyone played well throughout the whole season.


The improvement in several players since Rafa and his coaching staff took over has been very evident.

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I'm probably viewing babbel nostalgically because he only had one season and he had that awful illness but i think in that one season he was unbelievable. I always think back to his derby goal and driving us forward in the league cup final.


Finnan is arguably my favourite player though. I think he may be better defensively. I saw babbel skinned a couple of times

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